In 2015, a crew of veteran musicians in Kingston, New York shared a passion to create powerfully original music. Shadow Witch drew musical influences from various directions, but their goals were simple - harness decades of experience into a cohesive, monstrous sound.

Considering members of Shadow Witch are known from previous bands such as Murphy’s Law, Hellride 102, Blue Coyote, Voodelic, Cold War Survivor, and The Blind Ambassadors, the velocity by which those goals were met is no surprise.

In August 2016, Shadow Witch released their first full-length album ‘Sun Killer’, to excellent reviews from the international heavy music community. The album is a diverse assemblage of songs pulling in doom, thrash, psychedelic and stoner metal, and they back it up with intense, explosive live shows to annihilate any listener hesitation.

While member resumes may have eased their footing inside the door of many venues, their future is unquestionably solid. Shadow Witch begins a new chapter in their music history with the official release of ‘Disciples Of The Crow’ on December 15, 2017, via Salt Of The Earth Records.

Shadow Witch returns with an amazing new release filled with mood, atmosphere, and killer riffs and vocals. Eight songs are all that’s needed to raise you above the light, surround you in darkness, and bind your ears, hearts, and mind as one.

Shadow Witch is coming for you.


"Sun Killer" Live Video

"Blitzkrieg" Music Video


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    Reviews for "Disciples of the Crow"

  • Disciples Of The Crow is a Stoner/Doom Metal Masterpiece. I know that term gets branded around too easily and very quickly at times. However I stand by my review. This album is FUCKING AWESOME!!!!...Read more. Voted #24 Best of 2017.
    Steve Howe - Outlaws of the Sun

  • United by the foreboding ambience, the quality of the riffs and by Lundy‘s accomplished melodicism as a singer able to hone a dramatic feel without ever leaving behind the idea of serving the material itself…Disciples of the Crow is a considerable achievement for Shadow Witch and a firm declaration of who they are aesthetically and their potential to continue to develop along these lines...Read more
    J.J. Koczan - TheObelisk.net

  • Sometimes a band appears and manages to cut a swathe through all the bullshit of genres and sub-genres by just delivering good old fashioned, well structured, superbly written and arranged rock songs and in doing so manages to unite fans of all the genres of metal and rock under one flag. Shadow Witch, from Kingston, New York, are one such band...Read more
    Frazer Jones - Desert Psychlist

  • This is a collection that is shot through with an adrenaline boost of proper urgency…With “Disciples Of The Crow” they truly fly and there is gold lurking in the darkness here....Read more
    Andy Thorley - Maximum Volume Music

  • I just cannot find a single flaw in ‘Disciples of the Crow’. Not a one. Hell, I tried. From musicianship through songwriting, and all the places wedged in between, this is one stellar experience....Read more
    David LaMay - Riff Relevant

  • Disciples Of The Crow handily confirms the brilliant promises of Sun Killer and is absolutely recommendable for fans of Dark Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Stoner Metal and Grunge Metal.....Read more
    Alain - Metal-Integral.com

  • Reviews for "Sun Killer"

  • They are the band your big brother listened to, the band your dad loved, the one your sister lost her virginity to, the one your mother screamed for to be turned down, the one you always wanted to be in...Shadow Witch are a ROCK band pure and simple...Read more
    Frazer Jones - Desert Psychlist

  • Sun Killer is easily one of the most exciting, dynamic, and melodic doom album I have heard in ages. Instead of taking the lazy, overplayed doom road, Shadow Witch very proudly wears their influences on their sleeves and created an album that is every bit as diverse as the bands that inspire them...Read more
    Don from www.thegreatsouthernbrainfart.com

  • Shadow Witch play to their strengths as they deliver an album that is all killer and no filler. This album is a serious statement of intent and it will end up as one of my favourite albums of the year....Read more
    Steve Howe - Outlaws of the Sun

  • That sound contains loads of fuzz, fingerlicking riffs and damn great vocals. Title track 'Sun Killer' does the trick, blending vintage doom metal with elements from grunge, as if Alice In Chains and Soundgarden invaded Candlemass' recording studio.
    Steve Howe - Outlaws of the Sun

  • The heavy doom nuances are just as prevalent as the album’s great production quality allows the player’s to shine while I make mention that Lundy’s vocals are as damn near perfect as one could hope for.
    Dragon from www.Metalnexus.net

  • " ...local hard rockers Shadow Witch (think Queens of the Stone Age meets Alice in Chains); E.Walker is a great frontman and uses cool vocal effects a la Ministry to coat his bluesy musings with some sweet textural trippy 'verb or distortion. Mixed with the hammering rhythm section and the lighting-in-a-bottle guitar playing of Jeremy Hall, we have a monster on our hands for the local scene!" Morgan Evans, Kingston After Dark

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